Supply Chain Review

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Where should your business site its warehouses, how many will you need, what typically will be the costs and what are the options available to you?

Optimising you Supply Chain is not just about making the staff work more efficiently. Such things as where your distribution centres are located relative to transport infrastructure, the number and inventory levels of each distribution centres relative to your suppliers and customers and efficient layout and operating methodology all play an important factor when developing an efficient cost effective supply chain.

The number of warehouse required in your network will vary according to the level of service you are seeking to deliver, the range pf product which you choose to carry and of course the level of inventory you need to carry in stock. The trade of will be between rental costs (country and regional centres are less expensive than capital cities etc), labour costs (again capital city costs tend to be higher compared to regional costs) and finally the cost of transporting goods around the country. The transport costs are heavily influenced by the level of service – e.g. cost of airfreight to Perth compared to standard road haulage – but what is the impact on inventory levels and therefore warehouse size in Perth?

We can assist your business with these decisions, using our analysis tools developed over many years of experience.

Our service includes

  • Determining the right number of warehouses for your operation and the best fit warehouse location /s
  • Evaluation of the range and stock on hand of inventory to be held in each warehouse
  • The best fit location, driven by service levels, inventory levels, customer demographics etc, could be:-
  • Metropolitan vs Regional
  • Centralised vs Decentralised
  • Consideration of the inbound and outbound freight costs
  • Do you have enough volume to interest freight providers to improve your efficiency?
  • Consideration of your customer service level scenarios
  • Same day delivery or multiple deliveries per day
  • Overnight versus Next Day service
  • Customer delivery to regional areas e.g. Perth and Townsville
  • Consideration of your supplier base
  • Are suppliers able to supply from more than one location?
  • Where do you need suppliers to deliver to e.g. Perth or Hobart as well as Melbourne
  • What is the impact of supplier locations on your inventory levels etc

We will consider ALL your supply chain needs to make the final design of your supply chain as efficient as can be to meet your customer and your own business needs and objective.


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