Standard Operating Implementaion

"The Key to Deployment of improved processes and Capturing the improvement is Training" Daniel Jones

How do you deploy the redesigned processes and achieve the improved productivity to become "best in class?"

To deploy the newly designed logistics processes there needs to be change management and training for the personel. Logistics Change will design staff training to enable your business to realise and capture the improved productivity from the new process designs and equipment.

Additionally we will define a series of KPI measures that will enable your business to hang n to the productivity improvements.

  • The redesigned the process – eliminating waste and improving the process TAKT Times by 20 - 30% - have t be deployed
  • When the processes are redesigned at level 3 or 4 and agreed the next step is to deploy the improved processes through the organisation.
  • To do this initially the Consultants document the processes in greater detail at level 5
  • Logistics Change typically use a tried and tested AQPC Standard Operating Procedure approach
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures SOPs from TO BE Processes
  • Develop Training Materials
  • We use competency based skills assessment
  • Our team develop and deliver staff training
  • We have several experienced educators and trainers on our team who additionally hold the Cert IV in Training & Assessment
  • We also use a train the trainer approach
  • Staff Coaching and Mentoring
  • Logistics Change will set KPIs for critical processes so that Quality Assurance ensures that the gains made are not dissipated over time.

Standard Operating Procedure



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