Benchmarking -
Warehouse Performance Improvement

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." Peter Drucker

Have you ever wondered how good is your warehouse performance is? How much room do you have for performance and efficiencies, or are you very close to "best in class?"

To understand how the warehouse operational performance can be improved, there needs to be an assessment relative to an achievable "standard". Logistics Change will visit your operation to carry out a performance assessment of your operations before comparing your operations to known and achieved performance levels and advising you where you could improve your operations to return efficiencies to your business.

We will not review financial figures but look at the real working operations and assess your warehouse layout, information systems used, equipment installed and materials flow therough your distribution centre.

  • Evaluation of your current warehouse performance
  • Evaluating process and activity levels
  • Pick Hits per hour
  • Replenishment Moves per hour
  • Pallet moves per hour
  • Storage Efficiency
  • Using Modelling Tools for your industry
  • Extensive data base of performance criteria
  • Industry based empirical data
  • Review and Implement short term process improvements
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