Facility Layout

Are you considering moving your Distribution Centre to a new site, then let us review your current operations and layout to determine what growth you can accommodate internally, whilst adding efficiencies to your current operations.

Whether a greenfield site development, a move to a previously developed site or just rearranging your existing facility to add capacity and efficiencies Logistics Change will be your partner from determining your requirements to managing the relocation. From evaluating the site position, building layout and size, to developing a system to maximise your materials flows and eliminating inefficient traffic jams, Logistics Change will develop and workshop with you alternate layouts incorporating a range of levels of warehouse automation to meet your needs and requirements.

Logistics Change will spend the time to understand your operational needs before evaluating the Green field, Brown Field or Existing Facility layout options and consider:

  • Will the existing building meet your needs?
  • Will an existing alternate facility meet your needs without adding inefficiencies?
  • What are the benefits, risks and costs of moving to a new site?

Our internal facility layout options, developed in consultation with you, will meet your operational requirements providing for:

  • Equipment requirements for Picking, Storage and operational requirements
  • Allow for Internal or External future expansion

Whilst considering your operational needs for Efficient Flow Through the Distribution Centre:

  • Providing ergonomic and safe operations
  • Reducing double handling, traffic jams and dead end paths
  • Consider the amount of Staging needed between functions
  • Review whether products are moved manually or mechanically around the facility


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