Product Slotting

The saying "A place for everything, and everything in its place" almost sums up the idea behind warehouse slotting and profiling. A more accurate version might be, "An ideal place for everything, and everything in the most efficient place."

Introducing Optislot

OptiSlot by Optricity, addresses the complexities of slotting by utilizing advanced mathematical algorithms which consider a product's dimensions and velocity, physical environmental characteristics, pick path and material handling equipment, plus operational goals like pallet building, seasonality requirements and product groupings and slotting rules to develop comparable product slotting model to enable customers to determine efficient distribution center slotting plans. As a result of implementing advanced slotting modeling, your operations benefit from improved operating efficiencies, order fulfillment cycle time, space efficiencies and reduced partial order shipments while mitigating the need for new equipment, labor, and extra space. It also offers the ability to compare multiple what-if scenarios in seconds and analyzes slotting strategies on key performance metrics.

Logistics Change will work with you define data requirements for modeling input such as

  • SKU Description, Item, Inner, Carton, Pallet, Characteristics.
  • Movement - Pick Type, Demand history, Shipping profile
  • Pick Path and Pick Slot size optimization by SKU
  • Replenishment methodologies
  • Current Layout and elevations

We will work with you to understand and document product slotting rules for modeling to determine the most efficient slotting plan for your facility and to determine any changes required to implement the chosen slotting plan such as the need to resize, reconfigure or the need for new equipment.

We will also develop for you a detailed implementation plan including layout and equipment changes and task list of product moves to achieve the slotting plan.


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