Equipment Selection

Logistics Change will analyse your needs and compare the options so you can make an informed decision.

Logistics Change do not manufacture or supply Materials Handling Equipment so while helping you with equipment selection for your distribution centre and operations we will analyse your business to determine what you need and not what we want to sell you. We can work with all of the major equipment suppliers to make sure the range of equipment recommended meets your needs and not the limited product range of one supplier.

Depending on the area of your operations you want to review from one department or operational are to the whole distribution centre some of the business analysis we will carry out includes but is not limited to;

  • Receivable profile – how are goods received at the facility and in what quaintly – do you need container docks, a large undercover area to unload tautliners or even an automated roll on roll off shuttle truck dock.
  • Storage Strategy – not just how much selectivity do you need for your storage profile but what types of wheeled equipment do you have or want to use, how high is the building roof line and how much automation can be employed – from block stacked or selective rack operation utilising counterbalanced or reach forklift trucks to fully automated storage and retrieval systems we have designed them all.
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  • Replenishment Strategy – probably the most undervalued area of many operations, if you get the replenishment strategy right your order fulfilment performance can be improved whilst returning considerable operational savings. How often should you replenish your pick faces for efficient cost replenishment – not all pick faces need to be replenished at the same frequency and we can demonstrate why they should differ and the benefits to your operations.
  • Order Picking Evaluation – we will evaluate your full pallet, full case and repack picking needs, consider and recommend levels of mechanisation to model and compare picking methodologies to determine the most efficient method for your operations. Whether it be manual pick to pallet, case pick to a sortation systems, repack pick zone tracking systems, voice, scan or pick to light technology, or order to picker systems we will find the most efficient system to meet your customer order requirements.
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  • Product Slotting - Utilising Optislot we can also demonstrate the operation efficiencies to be realised by not just selecting the correct picking technology but also by placing your products in the correct pick location.

Because we won't just recommend equipment which we want to sell you we will also consider a wider range of influencing factors that will help you with equipment selection such as:

  • Your current or future Warehouse Management and Information Systems
  • Customer Service, Delivery and Order Requirements
  • Operational Flexibility to meet changing business requirements
  • Reuse of any Existing Equipment
  • Your budget
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