Integration & Implementation

Whether you are building a new facility, relocating to an existing site or relaying out you current distribution centre, management should never underestimate the tasks and effort required to successfully and efficiently manage these tasks whilst running a distribution centre in the competitive business world.

Initial Cost of System Elements

There are many tasks to be managed after you have determined what your needs are from:

  • Managing the Tender Process – From writing equipment specifications, Issuing tender documentation and managing supplier interactions to Evaluating tender responses with the client
  • Managing the Integration - Coordinate Delivery and Installation of New Equipment from several suppliers, Project managing multiple suppliers to ensure there is not conflict on site
  • Relocation and Reuse of Existing Equipment (eg Relayout of Pick face) l The Specification and Selection of New Software, or integration with your existing software platforms
  • Determining Line and floor marking, Safety Signs, Slot numbering and Location labelling
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures and Staff Training
  • Managing and coordinating the relocation
  • Assistance through initial start-up period

Logistics Change has assisted many clients through this sometimes difficult time and look forward to assisting you in all or some of the above tasks.


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